Caring for your glass

Caring for your glass
Keep your pool the focus by keeping your pool fence clean and smudge free.

The first step to a crystal clear pool fence is to regularly hose down the panels to stop chlorine or salt building up on the glass.

Sometimes you’ll need to give it a proper clean, though, and that’s when you might be tempted to buy a fancy glass cleaning product.

Don’t bother!

The best trick for keeping your pool glass sparkling is soapy water and a soft microfibre cloth.

If wild weather has left you with mud or grime on your pool fence, there’s an easy fix.

Buy an inexpensive spray bottle from the supermarket and fill it with a mix of water and white vinegar.

Spray the panels and leave them a few minutes. A quick hose off will reveal your shiny glass panels again.

A cheap squeegee is also handy if you find the water leaves smudges.

No expensive products required and your pool will once again be the centre of attention.

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