Custom made glass panels

Custom Made Glass

We understand that not all pool fences and balustrades are the same. If our standard rectangle glass panels don’t work for your glass barrier, we offer a custom made to order service through our specialty manufacturing partners.

With custom made glass panels you can create a fence that suits your space. Your custom glass will be cut to shape and then tempered to make it Grade A Toughened Safety Glass.

Why can’t I cut and drill a stock piece of glass to suit my project?

Once toughened safety glass is a finished product and it cannot be cut, drilled or altered.

If none of our 150 stock glass panel sizes meet your needs, you’ll have to go custom made.

How long does it take to manufacture custom glass?

Standard lead times are 7-10 business days from placement of your order.

How much does custom glass cost?

Unfortunately, custom made glass is expensive, generally about 5x the cost of imported stock panels of glass. A single piece of custom made 12mm glass can range from $200 – $600, where the largest stock sheet of glass we carry is only $129.

So wherever possible we try to be creative and use off the shelf items as the cost saving are big.

What are the most common uses of custom-made glass in a pool fence or balustrade?

Stairs – Staircases and steps in pool fencing and balustrading have no alternative to using bespoke glass. As no two sets of steps are ever the same due to angles and cutouts; custom made is the only way.

Retaining walls – retaining walls directly next to pool fences may require specially made glass to step up and over obstacles but remain safe and compliant to the pool fencing laws.

Odd sized gates and hinge panels – small openings and irregularly shaped areas require custom made glass gates, bespoke gates are common in pool fencing, to work around building and landscape obstacles. In our design process, we work hard to utilize our stock glass sizes, with 23 gate sizes and 20 hinge panels we can usually find a low-cost solution to your glass fencing gate requirements.

Raked panels – we carry a range of eight different sized raked glass panels for 50mm and 100mm steps in height, these stock panels equate to huge savings over custom made glass.

Project Glass – When you have ample planning time for your new project we can import your custom glass, with a lead time of 8-10 weeks, it’s worth waiting when you’ll save a small fortune, at least 50% of the locally manufactured cost.


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What our customers say about us.

Paul @ Exakt Glass was amazing, so helpful and patient. Prices & Service was amazing. Highly recommend Exakt Glass
Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop
02:36 21 Jul 18
Exakt Glass were by far the best experience of the whole pool build. Beautiful product, competitive pricing and the best service and support of all the suppliers we dealt with. No affiliation, just really impressed with these guys.
Perry Peters
Perry Peters
23:46 06 May 18
The team at Exakt Glass were very helpful in finding the right solution for me. Their assistance allowed me to get the exact product I needed and the delivery time was exceptional. Thank you for your help.
08:14 29 May 18
This was nothing but a perfect retail experience. Being in Alice Springs we're used to getting either overcharged or under cared for. After my first phone call with Exakt, Jason politely said he was with a customer and would call back in 10 minutes. I'd had this before in Alice and never had the return call - alas, 9 minutes later Jason was on the line. Jason and I discussed my needs and 20 minutes later I had a quote. I settled the account that afternoon and the products were on the truck the very next day. I received the goods, all in order in a shorter time frame than what I would have received the quote, let alone goods normally. Go with these guys if you want someone that cares for about having a point of difference - being good customer service and responsiveness.
Shane Cadan
Shane Cadan
22:22 05 Apr 18
Great product, good efficient service at a very competitive price.l would use them again without a doubt.
John Van Den Dungen
John Van Den Dungen
12:40 21 Jul 18


When you buy your DIY glass fencing from us, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting glass that’s certified to Australian standards. All our glass pool fencing panels are Grade A toughened safety glass.

You can rely on our DIY glass balustrade and pool fencing to keep you and your family safe
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