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Unattractive pool fences are a thing of the past thanks to our innovative glass fencing designs which maintain a strong focus on pool safety.

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An overview of our glass pool fencing

The Latest in Glass Railing Designs

Our glass railing designs are available in frameless. The frameless methods of fixing include: set with stainless steel spigots, pin-fixed with stainless steel standoffs, and a frameless glass pool fencing channel system.

We are exceptionally proud of the highest quality 12mm glass we manufacture for your glass fence panels. Thanks to the additional strength and durability this affords, our glass panels are superior to 8mm and 10mm products available. The tempering process we use results in Grade A toughened glass which adheres to Australian Standards for glass pool fencing. This glass is an incredible five times the strength of regular window glass. Should our stock glass panels sizes be unsuitable for your project, we offer custom-made toughened glass panels.

The stainless steel components, like frameless glass pool fencing spigots, offer high quality, lightweight material which is incredibly durable, but still cost-effective.

1. Australian designed

Our innovative designs are developed in Australia, from our international research and development endeavours.

2. Produced in our factory

Our production plants in China manufacture to our designs and specifications.

3. Australian in-house testing

Rigorous in-house testing is conducted at our Melbourne testing facility.

4. Australian independent testing

Stringent testing by a third-party ensures our products meet Australian National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation guidelines.

The ultimate in pool fencing safety

Most people associate glass with fragility, breakage and shattering. However, glass pool fencing does not have these undesirable qualities because the panels are Grade A toughened safety glass. It is so sturdy and thick that it is exceedingly difficult to break. Frameless glass pool fence panels are manufactured using a tempering process that changes the structure of the glass, spreading the load across the entire panel. This means that if the panel should ever be broken, it will not shatter into sharp, dangerous shards. Instead, it will crumble into chunks which are less likely to cause injury.

Now that we’ve determined the glass itself is as safe as possible let’s look at the purpose of pool fencing and why glass pool fences are so safe. Many factors make frameless glass pool fencing an excellent choice for a barrier to keep children safe:

  • The glass is a very smooth surface which makes it difficult to climb.
  • Frameless pool fencing that complies with Australian Standards means the gaps are too small for any child to squeeze through.
  • Exact Glass supplies D&D side pull series latches. When correctly fitted to the inside of pool gates, these latches ‘self-latch’ magnetically without mechanical jamming. This ensures the gate can’t be left unlatched. D&D latches also incorporate a keyed lock for additional safety and peace of mind.
  • Our hinges are self-closing to prevent gates from standing open when not in use.

Glass Pool Fencing Aesthetics

Aesthetically improve your backyard by installing the latest in fully frameless glass pool fencing design.

Unobtrusive design

You have a beautiful view of your pool and beyond, with no bars or rails to detract from it.

Contemporary style

The combination of glass with stainless steel fittings offers modern appeal like no other type of pool fencing.

Open up small backyards

Glass is the ideal fencing material if you have a small yard because it will give the illusion of space. This is superior to other fences which will noticeably divide the area.

Look newer for longer

Unlike other forms of fencing which rust and oxidise heavily, when kept clean, a glass pool fence will keep your backyard looking brand-new.

Of course, keeping your fence clean will keep it looking crystal clear. Luckily this is very easy and inexpensive to do because all you need is warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth! Once you have cleaned your fence, rinse it with the hose and then squeegee it to prevent moisture smudges. For any persistent dirt, a spray with water and vinegar will do the trick. You can rest assured that the beautiful look of your glass pool fence is here to stay because Exakt Glass provides a full warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Managing installation and cost expectations

Because there is so little hardware needed for this type of installation, it can be done quite quickly – whether you choose to DIY or hire an experienced installer. Of course, it will depend on the type of system you decide on. But, let’s take a look at the general process of how to install frameless glass pool fencing so you can make a more informed decision.

We always recommend two people handle the glass panels and keep in mind you need a flat, clean surface, preferably with rubber blocks to rest the panels on before installation.

So, what you should expect a glass pool fence to cost? You can expect a frameless glass pool fencing price starting from $100 per square meter, with glass pool fencing installation from $200 per square metre. It’s essential to keep in mind when comparing a frameless glass fence price to prices for other types of fencing that frameless glass fences offer the best in durability and long-lasting fencing solutions.

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Paul @ Exakt Glass was amazing, so helpful and patient. Prices & Service was amazing. Highly recommend Exakt Glass
Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop
02:36 21 Jul 18
Exakt Glass were by far the best experience of the whole pool build. Beautiful product, competitive pricing and the best service and support of all the suppliers we dealt with. No affiliation, just really impressed with these guys.
Perry Peters
Perry Peters
23:46 06 May 18
The team at Exakt Glass were very helpful in finding the right solution for me. Their assistance allowed me to get the exact product I needed and the delivery time was exceptional. Thank you for your help.
08:14 29 May 18
This was nothing but a perfect retail experience. Being in Alice Springs we're used to getting either overcharged or under cared for. After my first phone call with Exakt, Jason politely said he was with a customer and would call back in 10 minutes. I'd had this before in Alice and never had the return call - alas, 9 minutes later Jason was on the line. Jason and I discussed my needs and 20 minutes later I had a quote. I settled the account that afternoon and the products were on the truck the very next day. I received the goods, all in order in a shorter time frame than what I would have received the quote, let alone goods normally. Go with these guys if you want someone that cares for about having a point of difference - being good customer service and responsiveness.
Shane Cadan
Shane Cadan
22:22 05 Apr 18
Great product, good efficient service at a very competitive price.l would use them again without a doubt.
John Van Den Dungen
John Van Den Dungen
12:40 21 Jul 18


When you buy your DIY glass fencing from us, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting glass that’s certified to Australian standards. All our glass pool fencing panels are Grade A toughened safety glass.

You can rely on our DIY glass balustrade and pool fencing to keep you and your family safe
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