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A balustrade is the perfect guardrail solution for areas at height, but it’s also important to choose balustrades which complement building design.

Are glass balustrades right for you?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing glass balustrades, which cover safety, function and aesthetics.

1. Does it meet Australian Standards?

Our products are engineered, tested and certified to meet or exceed AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings – selection and installation.

2. Does the supplier have expertise?

Trust and reliability are important factors when it comes to choosing safety barriers. Exakt Glass is not only accredited worldwide for providing innovative glass fencing products, but we also have over fifteen years experience as installers. This means we can recommend an installer to you, or readily assist with reliable DIY advice.

3. Does it come with a warranty?

We provide a full warranty on all materials and workmanship. Our focus on extensive research and development and stringent testing gives you peace of mind.

4. Will it enhance appearance?

Our innovative designs are aesthetically pleasing thanks to using timeless materials such as glass and stainless steel.

5. Is the price in your budget?

We are competitive on price, but it’s true that you get what you pay for. What this means is we don’t compromise on using top-quality materials and manufacturing processes.

6. Is maintenance reasonable?

Maintenance on glass balustrades is inexpensive because it only requires the use of household products: detergent and warm water.

Exaktglass Balustrades Products

We offer several different glass balustrade systems which have interlinking handrails to meet safety regulations.


Stainless steel spigots afford a base clamp application for securing the glass panels to surfaces such as timber and concrete. Glass balustrade spigots are available in round and square shapes.

Pin Fixed

Stainless steel standoff assemblies in pre-assembled kits are used to secure glass in face fixed glass applications.


ExaktGlass Balustrade Product Benefits

As well as meeting safety requirements, these innovative glass balustrade applications afford incredible benefits:

Provides unobstructed view

This is particularly significant when using balustrading for spaces such as balconies when a view is paramount.

Contemporary design

While it has stylish and modern appeal, in truth, the ability of glass balustrade to blend seamlessly means it suits all building designs.

Open confined spaces

The nature of a stairwell means it often has a closed-in feel. The transparent properties of a glass balustrade help it to create a sense of openness.

Allows natural light in

As with windows, glass balustrading allows the natural light to penetrate unobstructed into buildings when used in external applications.

Specifications for Glass Balustrades in Melbourne

Exact Glass offers side mounted or top mounted stainless steel handrails to suit your desired look and the functionality you require. Top mounted handrails feature either a 25mm round, 25mm square, or 42.4mm round top mount with modular rail connections. The side-mounted handrail system is a 50x10mm slot rail system. All handrails and associated fittings are available in mirror polished and brushed satin finishes.

The glass we manufacture is Grade A toughened safety glass, certified to AS/NZS2208. It is 12mm in thickness and available in panels which are in 50mm increments, up to 1600mm wide. Our glass panels are up to five times stronger than standard window glass. That’s because the glass tempering process involves a complex technique of creating float glass sheets which are heated to create even more durable panels. This process means the panels cannot be cut after manufacture. However, custom glass panels are also available upon enquiry and can be frosted or tinted to suit your needs.

Understanding Balustrade Regulations and Safety

According to Building Codes Australia, balustrades must be provided where any surface, such as a deck, landing or staircase is 1m or more above the ground surface. For deck-like constructions, balustrades must be at least 1 metre in height. For stairs, balustrades are required to have a height of 865mm from the stair tread nosings. Any openings in balustrades cannot be more than 125mm.

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What’s involved in glass balustrade upkeep?

There are two aspects of caring for your glass balustrades. The first is maintenance. Balustrade components are manufactured to the highest standards and should be installed to Australian Standards as well.

However, the unexpected can happen, like weather events and rough treatment which can cause visible wear and tear and loosen glass balustrade fittings. We recommend that stability checks are performed every six months to ensure your balustrade is in perfect condition.

The second aspect of caring for frameless glass balustrades is cleaning. We suggest cleaning stainless steel balustrades every three months, although more frequent cleaning may be necessary for coastal or poolside areas. In this case, you can regularly hose down the panels between proper cleans.

Now, it’s important not to use glass cleaning products as these can cause deterioration of the glass over time. Instead, the process for cleaning glass balustrades is:

  • Clean when cool to the touch
  • Wash the glass and stainless steel balustrade fittings with warm soapy water, using a non-abrasive, soft microfiber cloth
  • Rinse with the hose
  • Use a squeegee to avoid any smudges on the glass from the drying water


If you have a buildup of dirt from some wild weather, you might find this additional step helpful. Just fill a spray bottle with warm water combined with vinegar and spray onto the fence. Rinse with the hose after a few minutes for sparkling-clean balustrades once more.

Some locations may find a brownish stain, or ‘tea staining’ developing on the stainless steel balustrade posts and fittings. This is not of great concern because it doesn’t affect your glass balustrade structurally. For aesthetic purposes, you can quickly remove it by cleaning with soapy water when it appears.

If you do find it persists in reappearing, you can consider using a specialised stainless steel product to buff and polish it, which protects it with a thin film.