Handling glass panels

Handling glass panels
Our glass pool fencing panels are made from toughened glass, heated multiple times to make them stronger than ordinary glass.

We safety test our products to rigorous standards so you can be sure they’re made to last.

Handling your pool fence glass safely is easy if you follow our tips:

Dress for safety

Always wear gloves and work boots when handling glass. A long sleeve shirt or jacket also helps.

Prepare the area

Make sure you’ve got a soft place to rest the panels, such as some old towels or newspapers. Ensure you’ve got a clear, dry path when carrying the panels.

Bring a buddy

Working with a partner will help you lift heavy panels safely. And you’ll get the job done faster.

Handle with care

Use glass suction caps and put the glass down gently so you don’t damage it. Don’t knock the panels against each other.

Slip, slop, slap

Always be sun safe when you’re working outside.

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