Safely installing gates and fence posts

Safely installing gates and fence posts
Australian pool fencing standards and local state and council regulations make it safer for everyone around pools.

Properly installing your posts and gates will not only keep your pool secure, it will help you keep everyone safe.

Our tips will help you properly install your posts and gates to comply with pool fencing laws and save you the headache of wobbly panels.

The first consideration is the surface for your pool fence.

This must solid and secure, such as a concrete slab or wooden decking.

Your fence must not be climbable (don’t put anything against the fence that could be climbed either).

Rubber glazing blocks and silicone must be used to ensure the panels are securely fastened to the posts and to avoid slippage.

Post caps must be attached securely.

Once your panels are secured, the gate must be fitted.

Decide whether your gate will abut a solid wall or sit in the middle of your fence.

The gate must swing away from the pool so it cannot accidentally open by being pushed.

The latch must be on the inside of pool fence with a self-closing hinge and latch locking system.

Use the Exakt Glass calculator to work out what you need to make your project safe and successful.

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