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Building permits

While all Australian states agree that pools must be fenced, the specific rules associated with installing your fence differ.

In some cases, the value of work performed including materials and labour determines if you require a permit, if in doubt call your local council to discuss the requirements.

Depending on where you live, you may need a separate building permit to install or upgrade your pool fence.

In most states and territories if you make significant changes to an existing pool fence, you will need to comply with the latest Australian Standard, you may have held exemptions covered under old pool fencing standards that may be lost if you make changes to your existing fence or barrier.

Your local council or state government building authority will be able to provide advice on permits and local pool safety regulations.

Should you be required to submit planning applications to council you will also need to engage a building surveyor for final fencing sign off.

For detailed state and territory pool fencing laws read our guide here.


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