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Costing your fence

Creating a beautiful and safe backyard shouldn’t cost a fortune. Installing your own glass pool fence is a great way to save money on your pool.

We have a range of standard toughened glass panel sizes to mix and match or you can order custom made glass from our speciality glazier partner Barton Glass.

Once you’ve decided how long your fence will be, you can calculate the total cost of panels and components you’ll need using our handy calculator tool.

Things to consider:

Glass panels – Check out our range of glass panels to see the sizes available for your project. If you prefer custom panels, we can arrange a quote for you.

Gate panels – See our range of glass gate panels to suit your fence.

Posts and spigots – Will you bolt or drill them into the ground? You’ll need posts or spigots to hold up your panels. Your gate will need a special gate post or spigot as well.

Gate hinges and latches – will your gate be in the middle of the fence or connect to a solid wall? We have different latch systems to suit your needs.

Channels – You may choose a completely frameless fence. You will need the ability to create a channel along the fence line for your panels.

Other costs to consider are your safety equipment (goggles and gloves), suction cups for carrying the glass, and whether you need to buy or hire any power tools.

Our Exakt Glass experts are available to offer advice or answer questions.


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