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Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fence or Glass Balustrade


Glass Pool Fencing and Glass Balustrade are not difficult to keep clean, and there is nothing special about the type of glass it’s the same as the glass in your car and house windows.

Glass Panel Cleaning

The easiest way to keep your glass clean is to pay someone else to do it!

That’s not always an option so how do you do it?

The quickest way to clean the glass is;

  • Hose down both sides of the glass, try using a pressure cleaner as you’ll use less water.
  • Using a mild detergent and warm water use a soft broom or glass mop and gently clean the glass, hosing off the soap on each panel as you go.
  • Use a car wash sponge or microfiber cloth to clean the spigots with the same method and rinse

Once complete you can use a squeegee or lint-free towel to polish the glass and spigot surfaces, drying the surface will remove any water spots or smearing.

Removing Stains from Glass

Cleaning stains off glass can be difficult with just soap and water.

For stubborn stains try the following;

Bird Poo – Try soaking the dried poo with water, this will soften the stain and enable it to be hosed off. Don’t leave it too long as the stain could etch into the glass and leave a permanent mark.

Tree Sap – Use rubbing alcohol to dissolve the sap, once softened try using a new blade in a glass scraper to remove the bulk of the sap and finish off with the alcohol to remove all residue

Hard Water/Salt Staining – Use a mix of 50% white vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle. Spray the affected area with the solution and wipe with a sponge, keep the area wet with the solution for 3-4 minutes and keep sponging the area. Rinse with warm water

Specialised Cleaning Equipment

Large glass mops and squeegees like the ones glass cleaners use are available from specialist cleaning suppliers, being large format and specially made to clean glass they make cleaning time very fast. You’ll still need to use a towel for the edges to get that perfect clean.

Spray Bottle Cleaning

Using a mixture of methylated spirits and water and a ratio of 1:5, spay the glass panel and use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass, use a polishing towel to dry the panel to a sparkling finish

How Often Should I Clean My Glass Pool Fence or Balustrade?

It depends on many factors, your environment, proximity to the ocean and sea spray, splashing from the kids in the pool, road grime on a balcony.

The longevity of glass enables it to be a resilient building material but it can still be stained by not cleaning often enough, It’s a bit like a car. Are you the once a week cleaner or a when it’s dirty cleaner.

What is the Best Time of Day to Clean my Glass?

To get the sparkling finish on the glass, it’s best to clean it in the shade, your location and shading govern the best time of day at your property. You’ll find it very hard to avoid streaks in the glass by cleaning it in direct sunlight at the hottest part of the day.

An early morning without dew or early evening while you still have enough light to see what you’re doing are the best times to clean your glass pool fence or glass balustrade.

Get the Kids on the Job!

It’s also a great idea to encourage the kids to hose down the glass if they’ve been splashing like mad in the pool if not, you’re going to be cleaning the salt water off the fence more often.

Glass Coatings – What are they and do they work?

There are all sorts of claims about high priced glass coating that make it easier to clean.

Do they work?

We recommend Enduro Shield glass coating which is a nanotechnology glass coating that makes a permanent bond to the glass and makes it easier to clean. Enduro Shield offers a 10 Year Warranty on professionally applied coatings and a 3 Year Warranty on DIY kits.

Enduroshield have been around for many years and sell the product around the world on big and small installations.


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