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The tools required for glass pool fencing and glass balustrade installation are not specialised, and home DIYer’s will already have everything you’ll need.

Hand Tools – For All Installation Types

Spirit Level – Used for plumbing and leveling your glass barrier

Allen Keys – Most fixings(screws) used in pool fencing and balustrade use hex or Allen keys

Chalk Line – Used to mark the center line of your glass barrier

Masking Tape – Used to place on the center line of the fence

Carpenters Pencil

Texta or Sharpie – For marking set out

Core Drilling

Core Drilling – 240V diamond core drill with water attachment, 76mm diamond segmented core drill bit – This is probably the only tool you won’t have and can be easily hired from any of the national tools hire brands at locations everywhere.

Standard Drill – Used to mix grout for spigots, use with a mixing paddle.

Garden Hose – To attach to core drill

Extension Lead

Mixing bucket – To mix grout

Cold Chisel – To break out the core piece

BBQ Tongs – To remove core piece

Leveling Shims – Used to sit under the glass to level the panels

Braces – Timber braces to hold the glass upright in place

Timber Blocks – To join the panels together to keep a straight line

Friction Clamps – Used at corners to hold the glass

String Line – Used on the glass to achieve that perfectly straight line

Flanged/Bolt Down Spigots

Masonry Drill (Concrete) – SDS masonry drill

Masonry Drill Bit (Concrete) – Masonry drill bits to suit fixing size

Impact Driver – Used for inserting fixings to timber and concrete

Driver Bits – Impact driver bits to suit fixing types

Spade Bit (Timber) – Used to drill a clearance hole in timber decks


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