Safety tips for your pool

Safety tips for your pool
With our water culture, it’s easy to forget we’re not born knowing how to swim.

As a pool owner you are responsible for the safety of anyone who has access to your pool.

Some key points:

If your pool already contains at least 300mm of water (even if it’s rainwater), you will need a temporary pool fence at least 1.2m high while you build your new glass fence.

Your property boundary fence must be at least 1.8m high if you’re using it to secure the pool. Check with your local council if this is allowed.

There must be nothing against your boundary fence (outside or on your neighbour’s side) that could be climbed to gain access to the pool.

Your pool gate must be locked at all times and have a self-locking mechanism.

The gate must swing outward from the pool and automatically swing closed.

There must be no gaps of more than 10cm between or under panels or gates.

There should be no objects within a metre of the fence that could be climbed, such as chairs, shrubs, pot plants, or boxes.

If you use a house wall as one side of your fence, any windows must be fitted with child-restraints or bars and cannot open more than 125mm.

Your fence must comply with Australian and local laws.

Learn pool rescue techniques.

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