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Are you having a new pool built? Or perhaps you’re looking to update your existing pool fencing? Exakt Glass has glass pool fencing options and expert advice to make your pool fencing project a success.

With the predominant outdoor culture in Australia, you’d be well aware that pool fencing is required for safety reasons. Pool fencing acts a safety barrier to keep children from drowning in swimming pools and spas. This is so important because drowning is a leading cause of death in young children in Australia. But all swimming pool drownings are preventable. That’s why the standards are being continually updated in Australia, to keep our families safe and our backyards functional and beautiful. We know we produce a stunning product, but at Exakt Glass, we’re all about safety first.

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Glass Pool Fencing
An overview of our glass pool fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

Ensure your loved ones stay safe around your pool with our high quality glass pool fencing

Have you decided to invest in a swimming pool for your home? Perhaps you’re renovating your existing pool and love the idea of installing contemporary glass pool fencing to keep your family safe?

At Exakt Glass, we offer superior quality glass pool fencing for sale at prices you simply won’t believe, together with all the accessories, advice and information you could need to ensure that the installation is a success.

You may be surprised at how little a glass pool fence can cost

Many people rule out modern glass pool fencing and balustrades as they perceive it to be an expensive option for screening off a pool. However, when it comes to installing a glass pool fence, cost is just one of the considerations.

There’s the safety aspects, and the aesthetics too. While pool fencing is a mandatory installation around most domestic pools for safety reasons, there’s no need to compromise on style, when you see the glass pool fencing prices we offer at Exakt Glass.

We won’t be beaten on price for our glass swimming pool fences

If the cost of glass pool fencing is preventing you from choosing a glass fence, request a quote from us here at Exakt Glass and you’ll see exactly how much the glass pool fencing cost per metre compares to that of other glass pool fencing suppliers, as our prices for glass fencing start from around $100 per metre.

In fact, if you can find the same superior quality glass at any other supplier that is in stock at a cheaper price, we’ll undercut their price by 5% – and that’s a promise!

While we may sell cheap glass swimming pool fencing, our panels are always of the highest quality

Although our prices for swimming pool glass fencing is the lowest in Melbourne, it never means that you’ll be getting inferior quality glass.

All our glass panels are made from Grade A toughened safety glass, which is certified to Australian standards, plus all our fencing and parts have been engineered, tested and certified to Australian and international standards.

This means that you can rely on our glass swimming pool fences to provide the safety you need around your pool, and give you an elegant and contemporary look that simply can’t be achieved with other forms of pool fencing.

Our modular systems make it easy to install aesthetically beautiful glass fencing

Pools containing at least 300mm of water must have a safety barrier around them with a minimum height of 1200mm. All the Exakt Glass stock panels are 1200mm high, which makes it easier than ever to create a beautiful looking fence that meets the AS1926 safety regulations.

Whether you choose frameless glass pool fencing secured by stainless steel spigots or a pin fixed glass pool fence with stainless steel standoffs, our modular systems make it easy to install aesthetically beautiful glass pool fencing.

Planning to install our glass fencing around your pool yourself?

If you’re handy in the DIY department, you may consider installing our DIY glass pool fencing yourself. But if you need a little extra help, we can give you all the advice you need both online or in person at our fencing depot in Melbourne. We’ll help you to choose everything from your glass fence panels, spigots, standoff assemblies, hinges, latches and clamps, and can even provide you with a list of the essential equipment needed to ensure the fence meets safety standards. We also offer a complete design service, installation support, installation guides and how-to videos online to make installing our glass pool fencing as stress-free as possible.

Need an installation expert? We can recommend a glass pool fencing installer

If you don’t have the confidence to tackle the job yourself, or you simply don’t have the time, ability or inclination, we can recommend licensed and insured professional installers who can do the job for you.

These are tradies who not only know how to install glass fencing panels correctly, but who will always make sure that they meet current safety legislation.

Are you a tradie looking for superior glass pool fence panels at the most cost-effective price?

Then you really should take a look at what we have to offer at Exakt Glass. As tradies ourselves with 10 years of experience in installing glass pool fences, we know exactly what’s needed to do the job properly, but we also know and understand what can go wrong.

That’s why we’ve tried to make a tradie’s job easier by offering everything you could need, from 24/7 online ordering with next day despatch and a dedicated account manager to extended opening hours, a trade desk stocked with all kinds of basic tools, products and equipment, and an online portal so you can keep tabs on your current and past orders.

Need custom glass fence panels? We can supply those too

As experienced glass fencing installers, we understand that some pool fences don’t necessarily conform to standard glass panel sizes. So, if our Exakt standard rectangle glass panels aren’t suitable for your fence design, we can get it custom made for you.

We organise all our custom toughened glass orders through our partner specialty glazier, Barton Glass, and they deliver the finished items direct to our depot where they will be safely stored until your order is ready for collection or delivery.

As with our standard glass fencing, your custom glass panels will be tempered to make it Grade A toughened safety glass that complies with strict Australian standards. The glass itself is up to five times stronger than standard window glass .

Use our Exakt calculator to work out how much glass you need, and then call us for a FREE quote

Yes, it really is that simple. Our Exakt calculator will help you to work out exactly how much glass you need, but if you require any further help or advice, our team is here to help you out.

We can assist you with everything from designing your fence, choosing the correct panels and components, and advising on the cost of glass fencing panels to ensuring that you have the correct tools for the job.

Once your order is ready, you can either collect it yourself from our Melbourne depot, or we’ll deliver it to your site, not just Melbourne-wide, but wherever you happen to be in Australia.

To obtain your quote, either complete or online form, send an email to or call us on (03) 8400 4700.

Of course, you could also pay us a visit at our depot in Noble Park, where we’ll be happy to discuss your installation with you and give you the benefit of our advice.

Exakt Glass provide DIY glass balustrades throughout Australia. If you are looking for any frameless glass fencing, glass clamps, glass handrails or any glass pool fencing, look no further then Exakt Glass.

Safety first

Before buying and installing a pool fence you should be aware of the Australian Standards and local or state-specific regulations, so it’s important to check with your local council. It differs between states whether the pool fence requires its own building permit, or if it will be covered under the pool building permit. Pool fences must meet AS1926, which means that pool fencing:

  • Should be at least 1.2m high
  • Has no more than 100mm ground clearance
  • Has gaps of no more than 100mm between vertical bars and panels
  • Has no climbing footholds
  • Is rigid enough that a child can’t force access through gaps
  • Is strong enough to withstand heavy knocks
  • Has a latch on the inside of the fence with a self-closing hinge and latch locking system

Understanding pool fencing prices

The supply of glass pool fencing starts from around $120 per square metre, with glass pool fencing installation costing around $100 per square metre. However, there are ways you can manage the glass pool fence cost. Stainless steel components like glass fence spigots tend to be more expensive than the glass pool fence panels. Therefore, the design can influence the cost significantly. Having several gates, using smaller glass fence panels and having more fencing angles means you will need more parts to make up your fence, thus making it more expensive. Keeping the design of your fence simple, without the need for custom-made panels is a way to manage the cost of your new fence; as is keeping the fence as small as possible, while still meeting regulations. Another way to reduce the cost of your pool fencing is to consider DIY glass pool fencing.

When to DIY?

If you’re handy and up to date on building and pool safety, you might consider DIY glass pool fencing. Exakt Glass offer comprehensive DIY advice, a frameless glass pool fencing installation guide and even a DIY glass and fencing warehouse in Melbourne. We will assist you in selecting all of the components needed for your fencing project, including glass fence panels, stainless steel spigots for glass fencing, standoff assemblies, hinges, latches and clamps. We can also provide a helpful list of essential equipment you will need for the installation, such as safety gear, lifting equipment for moving glass panels, an impact driver and drill.

Hiring an installer

Of course, if you aren’t confident you know how to install glass pool fencing yourself, are limited by physical constraints, or you are unfamiliar with the relevant regulations, Exakt Glass can happily recommend licensed and insured installers to you. Hiring a licensed pool fence installer is essential. This ensures you will receive a quality job, guaranteeing safety for your family. A licensed and insured installer will build the fence to the appropriate rules and regulations and mean any future insurance claims you may make are not put at risk from an incorrect installation.

Keep your new pool fence in tip-top shape

To keep your new pool fence in beautiful condition, we suggest following these best practices for maintenance:

  • Wash the glass and stainless steel components with only warm soapy water and a non-abrasive microfiber cloth
  • Rinse with the hose and squeegee to aid with crystal-clear drying
  • For stubborn dirt, spray a mix of water and vinegar on, for a few minutes before rinsing
  • Hose down the fencing regularly between full cleans
  • Inspect all components of your pool fence at least every six months for stability and optimal function

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Exakt Glass were by far the best experience of the whole pool build. Beautiful product, competitive pricing and the best service and support of all the suppliers we dealt with. No affiliation, just really impressed with these guys.
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The team at Exakt Glass were very helpful in finding the right solution for me. Their assistance allowed me to get the exact product I needed and the delivery time was exceptional. Thank you for your help.
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This was nothing but a perfect retail experience. Being in Alice Springs we're used to getting either overcharged or under cared for. After my first phone call with Exakt, Jason politely said he was with a customer and would call back in 10 minutes. I'd had this before in Alice and never had the return call - alas, 9 minutes later Jason was on the line. Jason and I discussed my needs and 20 minutes later I had a quote. I settled the account that afternoon and the products were on the truck the very next day. I received the goods, all in order in a shorter time frame than what I would have received the quote, let alone goods normally. Go with these guys if you want someone that cares for about having a point of difference - being good customer service and responsiveness.
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Great product, good efficient service at a very competitive price.l would use them again without a doubt.
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When you buy your DIY glass fencing from us, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting glass that’s certified to Australian standards. All our glass panels are Grade A toughened safety glass, which means that you can rely on our DIY glass balustrade and pool fencing to keep you and your family safe.

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