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Glass Pool Fencing
Standards & Laws

Australian Standards

Pool fence standards and regulations can be tricky to navigate, we don’t recommend planning a new project without seeking expert advice on the interpretation of the laws.

The standards that apply to swimming pool fencing in Victoria consist of the following:

The main governing standard that applies is AS1926.1-2012 Swimming Pool Safety, Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools

Related Acts, codes, and regulations as noted by the Victorian Building Authority as related documentation include:

  • Building Act 1993 (VIC)
  • Building Regulations 2018 (VIC)
  • Plumbing Regulations 2018 (VIC)
  • National Construction Code 2019

  • AS1926.1 – 2012 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 1: Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools
  • AS1926.2 – 2007 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 2: Location of Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools
  • AS1926.3 – 2010 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 3: Water Recirculation Systems
  • AS1288 – 2021 Glass in Buildings - Selection and Installation
  • AS3000 – 2018 Electrical Installations
  • Practice Note SP 01: Swimming Pools, Building standards and safety requirements
  • Practice Note 20: Protection of Work Process
  • Practice Note 58: Protection of Public



Safety barriers for swimming pools, the materials used, and how they are constructed are governed by the national construction code and Australian standards.

The standards and codes determine the performance characteristics of the barrier and the engineering parameters.

At Exakt Glass we take responsibility for the safety barriers we supply and build as a priority above all else.

All our glass pool fencing products meet or exceed the requirements of the NCC, BCA, and Australian Standards all backed up by comprehensive NATA test reports.

It’s your peace of mind that what you're trusting us to build for you is the real deal that you can rely on sound engineering and certification.

Glass Pool Fence Gisbourne 1
  • Australian Standards Approved
  • Independently Engineered
  • NATA Tested Products
  • NCC & BCA Compliant
  • 20M Product Liability Insurance
  • PASMark Compliance
  • 20M Public Liability Insurance
  • Peace of Mind

Laws & Regulations

Pool fence standards and regulations can be tricky to navigate, w e don’t recommend planning a new project without seeking expert advice on the interpretation of the laws.

Pool fencing laws in Australia are determined by state governments and the adoption of the Australian Standard AS1926-2012

In Victoria, the current standard AS1926-2012 is adopted for all new pool fences.

For existing swimming pools, the Victorian State Government introduced new regulations commencing 1 December 2019.

Local councils require swimming pools to be registered and must have a safety inspection by a licenced pool fence inspector

Campbell Ray St Kilda 2

As a pool or spa owner you need to complete the following:

  • Register your pool with your local council by 1 November 2020
  • Organise an inspection of your pool barrier by a registered swimming pool inspector
  • Rectify any issues identified by your pool inspection
  • Submit a certificate of compliance to your council by the due date

The construction date of your swimming pool will determine the standard that applies to your pool fence

Pool Fence Electrical Earthing

Pool fences are subject to the requirements of AS3000 Electrical Wiring Safety Rules

We have a dedicated page that explains in detail the requirements of the electrical wiring standards and how they affect the installation of a pool fence.

View the earthing web page and video here

AS3000 Arms Reach 1250mm



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