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Glass Pool Fencing Services

Planning & Design

We specialise in the design and construction of engineered glass safety barriers for glass pool fencing and glass balustrade.

The design process starts with the functional elements and the practical use of the space, once we have determined the functional elements, we apply the engineering and compliance criteria to design the barrier ensuring we meet or exceed the construction code regulations.

The process of designing the barrier can be as sim ple as working off architectural plans or from an onsite measure and consultation with the builder and/or property owner.

Once the scope of the design has been finalised we can m ove to creating a proposal and quotation for the barrier.

  • Australian Standards Approved
  • AS2208 12mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Over 200 standard modular sizes in stock
  • Cost Effective Standard Glass Panels
  • Flat polished edges and rounded safety corners
  • PASMark Compliance Licence Stamp
  • Over 50 Hinge and Gate Panel Sizes
  • Retaining wall panels

Building Permits

Do I Need A Building Permit?

New construction differs from renovation works in that a new build will have building permits in place and no additional statutory documentation is required.

Renovation works – The Victorian Building Authority has specific guidelines that relate to when a building permit is needed.
For minor alterations to a swimming pool fence a perm it is not required, for >50% change or replacement a building permit is required.

We offer a service to obtain a building permit on your behalf and look after the submission of application, fees, site plans and inspections with guaranteed compliance.


Glass Pool Fence Templestowe 1

A summary of the requirements for a swimming pool fence from the VBA website

Assembling, erecting or installing a swimming pool or spa and associated barrier that is all capable of being relocated is exempt from a building permit. Swimming pools or spas and associated barriers that are not relocatable require a building permit.

A building permit is not required for replacing or altering any part of a barrier to rectify the non-compliance identified in an inspection by a swimming pool and spa inspector unless the building work involves:

  • Replacing or altering more than 50% of the existing length of the barrier; or
  • Replacing or altering the posts or footings of the barrier; or
  • Using materials that are not commonly used for the same purpose as the material being replaced; or
  • Increasing or decreasing the length or area enclosed by the barrier; or
  • Replacing or altering a retaining wall that forms part of the barrier.
Ben Barr Werribee 2

Please Note:

  • A swimming pool means any excavation or structure (including a spa or relocatable structure) that is capable of containing 300m m depth of water and is principally used, designed, manufactured or adapted to be principally used for swim m ing, wading, paddling, bathing or similar activities.
  • A relocatable swimming pool or spa must have a compliant barrier and must be registered with the council if erected for 3 or more consecutive days.
  • Swim m ing pools that do not consist of multiple components and do not require any assemble such as small inflatable pools that require no assemble other than inflation, do not require a building permit as they are not considered building

How we can assist:

  • Site Plan Documentation Created
  • Preparation of the Permit Application
  • Submission of the permit application
  • We arrange the inspections of the barrier
  • We provide the final sign off
  • Fast permit process < 30days
  • Cost Effective
  • Hassle Free


Exakt Glass specialise in the supply and installation of glass safety barriers, and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years.

Our team s of installers are highly trained specialists with 1000’s of m eters of installed glass to their credit.

W e take our responsibility of building safety barriers seriously and we will not com prom ise on anyone’s safety.

Our team s respect you and your hom e, and we are quick, thorough and clean up after ourselves, it’s just good old-fashioned service.

  • Expert Advice
  • Glass Installation Specialists
  • 1000’s of completed projects
  • Trained installation teams
  • Builders Licence
  • Fully Insured
  • Australian Standards Accredited
  • NCC & BCA Compliant
  • Peace Of Mind

Inspections and Compliance

There is always a risk using a contractor that you’ll be left with a noncompliant installation that you must try and find a solution for.

At Exakt Glass we take that risk away by assisting in arranging the pre works inspections and inspections of completed works.

Leave the complexity to us, we look after the entire process making sure you are looked after and kept informed throughout the entire process.

  • Pre Works-Inspections & Advice
  • Independent 3rd Party Inspections
  • We Guarantee Inspections Will Pass
  • Low Cost & Hassle Free
  • We arrange Inspections For You
  • We Handle The Complex Compliance Laws
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